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When the Darkness Falls is a band started by Michael "Mykill" Calderon. 

All music written and performed by 

Michael Calderon

Vocals by 

Michael Calderon

Pamela M. Keifer Moore

Jenifer DeHarte

Over the years Michael has been a part of numerous bands based out of New Jersey, Arizona, and Southern California.

Influenced by Metal, Classic Rock, Pop and Gangsta Rap...this new project features elements of all these influences. 

Michael has enlisted the talents of guest vocalists for "When the Darkness Falls". 

Energized with vocals by Pamela , and Jenifer the band is able to evoke all the emotions of the subject content Michael envisioned.

The main character in this debut E.P. is a recluse who has decided that they are better off living a life away from society. 

She feels alienated  and believes she sees the truth about life. 

Involved and dealing with feelings of confusion and addiction, the "shadows" offer a protection and solitude she so desperatley craves.

The E.P is set up as a story, and the order of events was a critical decision while sequencing this record.

Metaphors of the light and darkness are compared to reality and madness, in this thought provoking self titled release by “When the Darknes Falls"                                                                                                             

Songs utilizing melodic arrangements with interweaving acoustic guitars, and intricate orchestration, somehow evolving into hard, heavy guitars with emotionally charged vocal melodies and harmonies.                                                                                                  

"When the Darkness Falls" is a journey thru the mind and thoughts of someone battling their inner demons, running away... yet seemingly standing still.