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Discography of Michael Calderon (aka My'kill) 

 1992 to present (713) 298-1694

Live Sound Design /Engineering

Girl Scouts 100th Year Celebration - Houston,, Texas

Halloween and Party Expo- Houston, Texas

NFL Super Bowl Houston,, Texas

NBA Allstar Game Houston, Texas

NCAA Final Four- Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta

UFC Ultimate Fighter Compitition- Houston Texas

Latin Grammy Awards feat - 

Patty Labelle, Kenny G, Santana, Gloria Estephan and Miami Sound Machine

2002 Grammy Nomination submitted for “Inspired by Angels” best engineered album jazz non classical 

2001 Grammy Award for "Say My Name" Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal 

2001 Grammy Award for "Say My Name" Best R&B Song

2001 Grammy Nomination for "Say My Name" Best R&B Song

2001 Grammy Nomination for "Say My Name" Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal

2001 Grammy Nomination for "Say My Name" for Song Of The Year 

2001 Grammy Nomination for "Bills, Bills, Bills" Record Of The Year 

 2000 Grammy Nomination for "Bills, Bills, Bills" for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal 

 2000 Grammy Nomination for "Bills, Bills, Bills" Best R&B Song. 

1998 Dove Award  for Trinity-"Trinity" 

 2 Pac -"Strictly 4 my Niggaz" c 1993 Interscope Records 

 2 Pac aka Tupac Shakur- "Greatest Hits" c 1998 Jive/Amaru 

 2PAC - " R U Still Down?" c 1997 Amaru/Jive 

 “I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto"

 ”Nothing to Lose" 

 "Definition of a Thug Nigga"

 "Nothing but Love" 

 "16 on Death Row" 

 "Black Starry Night" 

 "Only Fear of Death" 

 2 Pac- Thug Life -"Thug Life" c 1994 Interscope 

 2Pac /Warren G/Nate Dogg- "Definition of a Thug" c 1993 Sony Music 2Pac- “Better Dayz” c2002 

 3rd Coast Function- c 2002 Ventanna Records 

 Anotha Level-"Anotha Level" c 1994 Priority Records 

 Audio Stepchild - Land of the Snake Charmer c 2001 Lone Wolf Records feat PRINCE 

 Big Daddy Kane-"How U Get a Record Deal ?" c 1993 Reprise Records 

 Big Daddy Kane-"Looks Like a Job 4..." c 1993 Reprise Records 

 Big Pokey c 2002 Wrekshop 

 Bigga Figgaz - c2001 King Bee Records 

 Billy Cook- Certified Platnum c 2001 Def Souf Records 

 Bishop TD Jakes- "Maximize The Moment"- c 2001

 Time/ Warner lock to picture 

 Black Caesar- Nothing to Lose Soundtrack "What's Going On" c 1997 Tommy Boy Records BMD- c 2002 Music Vibe Records 

 Brand New Heavies-"Mind Trips" c 1995 Delicious Vinyl 

 Brand Nubian-"Allah U Akbar" c 1992 Elektra 

 Brent Carter - of Earth Wind and Fire solo relaese c 2000 Matrix 

 Bunny Wailer-"Millennium Rock" c 1998 indi 

 C J Mac-"Platinum Game" c 1999 Hoo Bangin Records C Note (of the Botnay Boys) 

 C Style Compilation- "Str8 Outta Cali" c 1998 Breakaway/Death Row Records

 Lil' Bo & Bo Rock- “Capital Win" 

 Nate Dogg & Dresta the Gangsta- ”Victimz Of Reality"

 Snoop Doggy Dogg , M C Eiht, J.O. Felony -”Getcha Girl Dog"

 The Twinz- ”All Aboard" 

 Mr Tan (of Militia), Blaqtoven- “Floss Mode" 

 C.J. Mack -"Platinum Game" c 1999 Hoo Bangin'' Records 

 Cash Money Records- Many Upcoming Releases Mannie Fresh  c2001 

 Chad- c 2001 Make It Happen Records

 Color Me Bad-"The Remixes" c 1992 Atlantic Records 

 Colorado Mass Choir w/ Joe Pace Directing-"Glad About It "Integrity Records 2001 

 Coolio-"It Takes a Thief" c 1994 Tommy Boy 

 D Flavaa- c-2002 indi 

 Da Lench Mob-"Guerillas in da Mist" c 1992 Atlantic Records 

 Daddy Freddy /Various Artists-"Mutiny pon de Bangarang" c 1992 Capitol Records 

 Daz Dillenger & Soopafly- Nothing to Lose Soundtrack "Put the Monkey In It" c 1997 Tommy Boy 

 Deep Threat- "Boxers" c 1999 Def Souf Records 

 Delicate Terror-2001 release 

 Destiny's Child- Bills, Bills, Bills c 1999 Sony Columbia 

 Destiny's Child- The Writings On the Wall c 1999 Sony Columbia 

 Devin Tha Dude- c 2002 Def Jam records 

 Dr Doolittle Soundtrack- c 1998 Def Jam Records 

 Dramma Queen -c2002 Music Vibe Records 

 D-Star c 2003 on Kenergetic records 

 Eek a Mouse-"Mary Wanna J/Go Shoppin' " c 1994 Capitol 

 Element - "Underestimated"c 2001 Med Alert Records 

 Eric Sermon-"No Pressure" c 1994 Rush Labels 

 E'Yang- upcoming 2001 release 

 Famino- c 2000 indi release 

 Fire Of Infinity - Indi c2001 FisT - 2000 release on Matrix records 

 Flip Dashwood- Indi release 2000 

 Funkadelic-"One Nation" c 1994 Priority Records 

 Funkdoobiest- "The Troubleshooters" c 1997 Buzztone Records

 Funkdoobiest-"Which Doobie U Be" c 1993 Sony Music 

 GIN- "Str8 Out Da Bottle" c2001 Presidential Records 

 Girl Scouts of America- "Our CD" c 2002 

 Goin Postal -"Middle of the Storm" c2001 King Bee Records

 Gospel Gangstas-"Gang Affiliated" c 1994 Myx Records 

 Have Pl'nty Soundtrack c 1998 Laface Records 

 Havoc & Prodeje-"Kickin' Game"c 1995 Quality Records

 Ice Cube -"The Predator" c 1992 Atlantic Records

 Ice Cube-"Lethal Injection" c 1994 Priority Records 

 J Kut & Delow- Untitled c 2001 DA Records 

 J Swerve c2002 indi 

 Jayo Felony- "Whatcha Gonna Do" c 1998 Def Jam Records 

 Jill Holley- "Jill" c 2000 indi release 

 Juan Manuel - "Reunion 2000" feat Shelly Burg On Piano c 2000 indi

 Juan Manuel- "Two Angles" c 2002  

Justin Warfield-"K-Sera" c 1992 Warner Bros Records 

 Kali's Finest- "Spread Your Hustle" c 1999 White Label 

 Kam-"Neva Again" c 1993 Atlantic Records 

 Kamikazzee- Party on My Matress c 1999 indi 

 Kiotti/ Lil Baller- " JAG in The Jungle" c 2001 Mad Vibes Records 

 Kokane-"Funk Upon a Rhyme" c 1994 Ruthless Records 

 Korn-"Good God remix" c 1997 U K release 

 Kumbia Kings upcoming Release 2003 

 Lady 14- "Standin' Tall" c 1999 Evolution Records 

 Lakewood Church Television Commercial- aired in 2002 Houston, Texas Market

 Legal Substanz-c 2001 on AC Blow Records

 Lil' Keke - Was it All a Dream c 1999 Jam Down Records 

 Lil' Keke feat. 8 Ball- Southside Remix c 1999 Jam Down Records 

Lil O-Fat Rat with the Cheeze c 2001 

Game Face/ Atlantic Records 

 Lowdown- c 2000 indi release 

 Mary Floyd Hawkins-"America" & "Allison" c 2001

 MC Ren-"The Mad Scientist" c 1996 Ruthless Records 

 Mddl Fngz- feat Bun B of UGK , 8 Ball, C Note "Da Manja"... c2000 perfecto 

 Mista Grimm / Warren G-"Indo Smoke" c 1993 Sony Music 

 Mooka- c2002 Wildside Records 

 Mr Mook -feat No good But So Good of Luke records C 2000 One Way Ent. 

 Mrs Big - c 2000 Shut 'Em Down Records 

 Murder Squad-"Nationwide" c 1995 Priority Records 

 Neffertitti-"Motha Nature" c 1992 Polygram 

 Papa Reu - c 2001 Reu Records 

 Pheobe Hines - 2000 Release on Matrix 

 Playboyz- 2000 release on Jam Down 

 Players Life- c2002 Profound LTD- 2000 release on Red Boy Records

 Ras Kass- "Rassasination" c 1998 Priority Records 

 Ras Kass-"Soul on Ice" c 1997 Patchwerk / Priority Records 

 Ray f Too Unlimited- "Do You Think I'm Sexy" -o c 1997 Rayvanno Records 

 Riff Bandits- "Picks and Pennies" c 1999 indi 

 RWO- untitled Upcoming 2000 release on Def Jam 

 RWO_ feat 8 Ball/Flesh and Bone- Book of the Game c 2001 Lafamiliar 

 Sh'killa-"Gangstress From the Bay" c 1996 Priority Records 

 Slo Pain Feat Too Short - "Got to get the Money c 1999 Del Vinyl 

 Sonshine-"Sonshine" c 1997 Heel-Toe Records 

 Soul Fruit - "We Are ...." c 2001 LP Movement 

 Soularslide -"Too Tasty for Color TV "C 2000 indi 

 South Central Cartel (featuring the Chi-lites & LV)- "It's an SCC Thang" c 1995 Def Jam Records 

 South Park Mexican- c-2000 Dope House Records 

 Spirit of Peace - Upcoming 2001 Release 

 Spirit of Peace c 2000 

 STR 8 G- "Shadow of a G" c 1994 A & M 

 Suge Knight Presents Chronic 2000- c 1999 Death Row Records

 Texas Boys- Movie Soundtrack c2002 One Thyme Records

 Tha Lo Lifes- "Changing The Game" c 2001 Plutonium Records 

 The Bad Seed- Untitled Warner Brothers Release due in 2002

 The Comrades- Wake Up And Ball c 1999 Hoo Bangin'' Records 

 The Crimies- "Crimies Runnin'" feat Malika c 1997 indi 

 The Pharcyde-"Rubbers" c 1994 Delicious Vinyl

 Threat-"Sickinahead" c 1992 Polygram 

 Tightly Knit- "Paratroopin" c2000Drooped It Records 

 Tim Culberson- “The Truth” c 2002 indi 

 Tre-9 - "Bobby Ray" c 2001 Release on Exousia Productions 

 U S- Usual Suspects - feat Juvenile - Reality World c 2001 

Ball Or Fall Various Artists- "Legal Dope Compilation" c 1995 Priority Records 

 Various Artists-"Above the Rim" c 1994 Death Row Records

 Various Artists-"NWA Tribute " c 1998 Priority Records

 Vell Bakardy-"Genuine Liquor Hits" c 1996 American Records 

 Voyce Of Reezun - c 2001 Release 

 W.C. - "The Shadiest One" c 1998 Red Ant 

 Watts Gangstas-"The Real' c 1996 Hoodrat Records 

 Willean - "The Chemist" upcoming release on Big Shot Records 

 X-Con “ (of No Limit records )Let the Truth be Told c 2002 Gorealla Ent 

 Young Trey "Jackin''' for Impalas" c 1998 indi release 

 Z Ro "Screwed Up Click Representa" c2002 Presidential Records